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Best Places to Study I: Monolok Café

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Our two study buddies Gaga and Honey embarked on a journey to find the best study places in Prague. This is their first stop. 

Monolok Café is THE perfect place to study. Hidden in the streets of Prague’s Vinohrady district, this café unites all the wishes of a student. Free tap water, fast wifi and good coffee (or tea) are available. The furniture is ideal for any kind of work (especially the sofas). The staff is very friendly and on point, quick and attentive, trying to cheer you up with wonderful coffee art matching the season. The classic cakes and snacks are enhanced with Monolok’s own, original little twist. The old school music played creates a nostalgic feeling, which is the perfect atmosphere you need on an autumn day. With a study buddy you can easily work here, even if you want to talk, the café will put you in concentration mode. (gk, shn)

Ranking: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Checklist Monolok Café /
Free Tap Water
Good coffee
Good tea ?
Friendly staff
Quick staff
Nice snacks

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