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Hot shows to watch this summer!

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The first day of summer is over and soon our holidays begin. That is the time of the year when we have far too much time at hand and nothing to do. Whether you are lying in your garden or in bed, I’ve got some tips for you, how to properly use your time. So brace yourself, a long list is coming.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one genre and that is why everyone should see Lord of the Rings at least once. Even if fantasy is not your cup of tea, LotR is a must-see, a classic almost.  For those of you who do not like watching movies or don’t have a computer with you or are just worried to use it on a beach, the book version is for you. The three books are manageable quite fast.

A few other movies that belong to the basics are the ones of the Star Wars franchise. Seven are out and four more are to come. Something to look forward to for every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan.


Both of them are quite old (except for the last Star Wars movie), so let’s look at the movies of the year. All of us are lucky to live in 2016, because it has been a marvelous year for movies. And talking about marvelous, let’s look at Marvel and their movies. For the older ones Deadpool is definitely THE movie to watch. Funny and packed with action and most important, a superhero who breaks the forth wall, like all the time. Deadpool is the movie to watch if you are not easily offended, for those who mind strong language there is also a film for you too, Captain America himself is not fond of cussing. So if that’s your thing watch Captain America: Civil War. I mean, you have to know it to watch the next Avengers film and that’s what we all secretly wait for, right?
We all know, that there are people who do not like action movies (as sad as it is) and even for those people the movie industry  released some quite awesome films. Let’s all (those who are around and over 18 years old) look back to the time thirteen years ago, when the amazing movie Finding Nemo was introduced to the public. We all were looking for him too. And now, this very year, we can start looking again, but this time, it’s not Nemo who got lost, but Dory. If you want to know more about it, you can read our article on Dory.


But there are also non-animated films and one stands out in particular: Now you see me 2. A kind of a Robin-Hood-story connected with modern technology and a bit of realistic magic.
But of course watching a movie takes about three hours maximum, except if you want to watch all of the above, and that is not enough to fill up your holidays. Don’t fret, even for that problem there is a solution- TV-shows.

You know when you bring loads of food and drinks to your room, build a cave and don’t come out until you have seen all six seasons of Game of Thrones. Talking of GoT that is definitely a show that will cool your summer. Except for some steamy scenes.  But the longer you watch the colder it gets. The same goes for the books and unless you wish to read them in German (because someone managed to make eleven books out of five), you can be finished by the end of the holidays.


Another show that prepares you for real life is The Walking Dead. It depicts a post-apocalyptic world. And even if you argue with your parents, because you are always watching shows and you know nothing about the life outside tyour own four walls, you can use TWD as a good example of education. Who knows when zombies are going to run the world, right?
But there are also shows that are a tad more realistic and maybe they will even convince your parents, that it’s important to watch shows, isn’t that what we all try to achieve? Homeland or House of Cards are shows that won’t let you sleep because of the suspense. Your parents might actually like them and start watching them with you. If you are a fan of humorous yet topics that still are highly controversial and current than Transparent is definitely a show for you.
Now … the rest is up to you. Which of these amazing shows to watch? And when? How many of these will you manage? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I can assure you that whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. All these shows and movies have been carefully picked by fellow DSP students and teachers and they have to know what’s good, don’t they?

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