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2×5 Fragen an unsere FSW-Stars aus der 7b

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This year class 7b took part in the Bundeswettbewerb für Fremdsprachen. In their English lessons they made a film, after that they sent the film to Germany. Then the won a price! Mrs. Hönig’s group went to Hannover to perform their film as a theatre play.


We interviewed Alice Franková about their film.

NR25: What is the film about?

Alice: It’s about a Unicorn from Unicornland, that fell on the Earth and found his best friends there. Then he must return back to Unicornland, he is sad but he then finds a way back to his best friends on Earth.

NR25: Who are you playing in the film?

Alice: I’m playing the Unicorn.

NR25: Whose idea was it to make this film?

Alice: It was an idea from all off us, we did it all together.

NR25: How long is the film?

Alice: As a play it’s eight to ten minutes.

NR25: What was the best or the funniest scene in the film?

Alice: It was the scene, where the Unicorn fell on Earth and the noise of it.

NR25: Thank you for the interview.


And then we asked Monika Tranová about their trip to Hannover.

NR25: How did you get there?

Monika: We went there by train and by bus.

NR25: Before you performed, what did you do and were you nervous?

Monika: We went to see the others play and perform and we were just little bit nervous.

NR25: Did you go to other places too?

Monika: Yes, we went to ZOO.

NR25: What was the worst thing, that happened, when you were there?

Monika: The worst thing was, that we didn’t win.

NR25: Thanks for the interview.



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