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Talks with Stones by Eva Havlova

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“I’m made of stone and must therefore keep a straight face. Go away. I don’t have the muscles to laugh.” says the stone in a Wisława Szymborska’s poem “Conversation with a Stone”. It might seem like a bizarre topic to an average human to write poems about, but in fact, talking with stones has always been present in human history, as some people were always able to sense a certain connection to them and see them in as living individuals worthy of attention. Most naturally, as children, we all probably experienced this in the most genuine way possible. I still remember that clearly, as I spent hours outside, collecting stones, giving them names and searching for secret hiding places for them in the garden to live in, only I knew about. Some of them are still calmly resting under the roof of our outside shed, where I’ve put them many years ago.
But the fact, that stones are alive, shouldn’t be trivialized only as a plain childish naivety – stones, as creatures exceedingly wise and ancient carry the intelligence and wisdom, that for many centuries attracted the attention of people, who believed in stones being able to think and even feel like living creatures. And those, who have ever tried to talk to a stone, will only confirm this theory.
Also from a scientific point of view, stones can be classified as living creatures – as well as all life on earth, stones consist out of eternal substance and whether they are able to move or not, they shall be considered the same form of life as everything in this world. Recently, after long years of studies, the french geologists Arnold Rheshar and Pierre Escollet even concluded that stones are able to breathe and have other life functions (see “Stones are living creatures that breathe and move”). Marianna Anisosyan, an expert in biological energy adds that “We can assume that any object in our world in alive. Any event is driven by energy, which stones undoubtedly possess too. Every stone carries a certain amount of life in it.”
So whether we consider stones as living entities or not, it’s important to realize, that although they are so very different from us people, stones are able to perceive and in a certain way also react to their surroundings. A stone is a very lonely being, almost immortal yet therefore usually very wise.

Exclusively for Newsroom 25, I took a journey to my closest neighborhood to mediate to our readers an interview with some very interesting stones, who I already have the honour of knowing from my many previous visits.


In stones, we can find very close confidants, trustworthy and silent. They will always hear you out with great patience and often offer you their wise advice. Because of their eternal life, they are so overfilled with wisdom and knowledge, that they are too heavy to move.


Stones are not determined by human pettinesses, like chasing after money, fame or basic human needs such as sleep or food. They are always on top of things and with their wisdom they far exceed over our poor human lives.



This is also an appeal to everyone. The next time, you stumble over a curb, apologize to him. When in town, tread carefully on the cobbles. Fight against crushing stones to gravel, or even worse, sand. Do not throw stones. Worship statues and other objects made out of stone. Always remember, stones do not swim, stones sink. But most importantly – go out and talk with stones. They appreciate the human attention more than anything else. Moreover, their wisdom is endless and enriching for us all. (eh)


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