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HumansOfDSP #2 – Aleksandra (guest DSP human)

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Name: Aleksandra

From: the „Schulsenat“ of the German School Warszaw

Acceptance. It is a very complex and hard emotion to explain. I believe that in order for someone to accept us fully, we need to accept ourselves. It is a longer process, that many people forget about, which is a big mistake. I truly think that we behave how we behave because we are not sure of who we are, what we like and what we don’t like. We are just humans. If you don’t look for it, you won’t find it. The thing is I consider myself a very open-minded person and I am in the middle of the process of liking myself again. Just like everyone else I have a „story“; for some it is sad, for some it is interesting and for some it is just boring, but that’s not the thing. I try to find myself and I know how hard it is just to accept who you are, knowing what society wants us to be-  that’s why I am so open-minded and I try to support any person that is on this very long road of finding themselves. This school (what is a big shocker for me and I didn’t see that coming at all) is very accepting. Maybe not the school in itself, but the people. They all represent different nations, religions, sexual orientations and different views on life and certain topics. I have never seen such acceptance and support within a school (community). It amazed me to observe how all those people function with each other, non of the above seemed to be a problem; they accept who others are. Of course  there is this thing between Czechs and Germans, but any of the things above, the „new problems“(from this century) aren’t a problem. It gave me hope that people will accept me as well, and that there are people that are willing to just accept (others), no matter what. People in this school are very very lucky and I’m sure they aren’t even aware of it.



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