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HumansOfDSP #1 – Dan (11c)

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Our new section HumansOfDSP is here. For his first interview Peter had a chat with Dan from year 11. 

Name: Dan Lin Zhi

Nationality: Chinese

Year, class: 11c



As a lot of people know, us Asians have our own calendar, the Lunar calendar, that’s why it’s also called Lunar new year, but there is no exact day when we celebrate it. The reason why we celebrate the Lunar new year is unknown to me. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember, but I believe that there is a reason or someone that started the Lunar new year.The current year is the year of the Monkey, the ninth Lunar zodiac. This year it was on a Sunday. We had ribs, fish, chicken soup, Napa cabbage, special dried meat and more. These were the dishes I remember, because I ate most of it. Once the dishes had been prepared, they were first served on the table for the Gods, to be eaten, and then we ate. After that we went to the Lunar New Year event at Vystaviste Holesovice and helped with the organization of the event. There was quite an amount of people, but it was fun working alongside my friends. The event ended with a firework show at 6:45PM. After that we went to a friend’s house, ate dinner there,and us non-adults got their gifts -money in the red envelopes. I received a decent amount of money but I don’t want to say how much. We celebrated only until 10 o’clock because we, the non-adults, had school the next day (although I didn’t come the next day). So everybody went to their homes and the day ended quite nicely.




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