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It´s the right time to care!

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Winter is slowly coming to our doors and we have to be prepared. As you don’t wear the same clothes in August and February you do not want use the same skincare products. The change in the weather and the cold wind are drying out your skin but here are some tips on how to keep your face looking glowing, smooth and healthy in this freezing season. Some advice on the Internet is too complicated or takes too much time and … who can spend a half an hour in the bathroom every morning?

Our 3-step-guide will show you the basics to keep your skin happy:

1. Use milk-based cleansers, not gel-based ones

Gel cleansers dry out your skin and are not moisturizing enough for this cold season. Eventough you might think that milk-based cleansers are too heavy for your skin type, you can use a lighter cream afterwards. The first skin care product is the most important because it creates a base on which you start “building”.

2. Apply moisturizing creams with UV protection

It can sound crazy using creams with UV protection in winter, but the snow reflects the sunlight which can damage your skin. You don’t have to use as high an SPF as in the summer, but do not forget good protection is always needed.

3. Keep your body hydrated

This advice could sound too lame because almost everyone mentions it. But because everyone does, there must be a very good reason behind this. After using body lotions, milks or butters your skin feels soft for a maximum of a few hours because of the new skin cells that are produced. Water is a very powerful element which has a lot of benefits for our body. If you drink enough water each day your skin will be hydrated from inside, so that also the deepest layer of skin is moisturized.

These three pieces of advice that are definitely the minimum of what you want to keep in mind. Of course you can add more steps to your routine that will improve the condition of your skin. Each skin type is different so you have to use cosmetic products which suit you the most.

Be aware that make-up does not help your skin but only hides blemishes and imperfections. With a better skincare routine your skin condition will definitely show improvement in the future. Because who doesn’t want to have flawless skin?



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