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“Maybe socks and sandals?” Our OOTW

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Our OOTW – the male edition! Tobias – school fashion icon and good old friend of mine – gave us all the answers we ever needed!

Does it take you long to get ready in the morning? What about today?
T: Yes it does. It took me 45 minutes this morning. I am a perfectionist.
Were you inspired or is this outfit your own creation?
T: This is my own creation, but I got inspired a lot in London where I lived for a year.
What do you think is important to remember in men’s fashion?
T: It is important to be yourself and never to listen to other people. Just wear what you like and want to wear.
What is worse: cargo shorts or flipflops?
T: Cargo shorts, because they just look so fantastically stupid, nothing looks more stupid, maybe socks and sandals. (laughs)
What is your favorite item of your outfit?
T: The braces are my favorite item on my outfit. Because they are red and they are very extraordinary. The best thing is, no-one has the same ones, they make me special, they make me stand out from the crowd.


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