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Rückblick: 4 x 5 Fragen an … Oktoberfestfashion

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Lukas Ruzicka

Where did you buy your Lederhosen ? 

In Germany. My parents gave them to me.

What´s the best experience in them?

I played football and fell over.

What are your future plans with your Lederhosen?

I plan to go to the real Oktoberfest in Germany.

Would you wear them at school?

Of course…what a silly question!

Why are you wearing sneakers?

Well, we´re still in Prague and I want to save the best look for the other Oktoberfest.

Emily Schoeper

Where did you buy your Dirndl?

I got it from my older sister.

Would you normally style it with this jean jacket?

No, but I´m freezing.

Do you know if it´s from Germany?

Yes, it is.

Have you had some special moment in your Dirndl?

I fell from a seesaw today…

Would you wear it to school?


Alzbeta from the Secretary’s Office

Where did you buy your Dirndl?

I didn´t buy it, I borrowed it from the Barrandov studios.

Have you had some interesting moment in this dress?

Well, the first time we went to the Barrandov studios for the dresses, we spent hours trying different ones on and finding the right one.

So everyone from the secretary’s office and administration wore these traditional dresses?

Yes, we decided that together, because we wanted to represent the school.

Are you taking part in the Trachtenwettbewerb?

I didn’t even know that the show is over already. (We told her that it´s not over yet and also that her dress is our favorite.) You know what – I´m going to register now. Wish me luck.

What did you style it with?

With a black blazer.

Nela with the competition number 1

Where is your Dirndl from?

From Austria.

How long have you had your Dirndl for?

I have had it for two years, but this is the first time I wear it.

What is the most exciting moment in the dress?

Because it is the first time I´m wearing it, I don´t have any special memories yet. But I think taking part in the competition can be counted as the first exciting moment for me.

Why did you come to Oktoberfest today?

I have a small “shop” where we are selling some products made by kids from a Czech kindergarden.

How long did you need to get ready?

It took me like 15 minutes.

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