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Czenglish Mistakes – Five Questions for Justin Steinmetz

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Are you part of any project? Can you tell us something about it?

I’m not a part of any project. I just help out. On Monday and Tuesday I helped with the data entry for the run and the rest of the time I just walk around and annoy people, which is what I usually do.

Do you enjoy being in Prague / at the DSP?
Yes. I mean I’ve been living here since 2006. Back then I thought I was going to stay here for a year or so and then travel the world. But when I came here I just fell in love with the city and my life is just much more here. The one interesting thing is that it seems that I can’t go anywhere without seeing a student.  And that often gets quite embarrassing.

And what brought you to the DSP?

I first came here due to my friend Ina, you know her as Ms. Marecki. She wanted me to talk to her group nine or eight about Australia. And my visit happened to be at the same time as David ran to Africa, March or April 2013. So there was a job for me and I stayed.


How’s your Czech going?

Skvěle! But what I’ve noticed is that as a native English speaker I find some of the mistakes non-native speakers make acceptable and so I myself make Czenglish mistakes now. I also mix up words from different languages a lot. This week when I was helping out at the run I said ‘siebennáct’. And often when I don’t understand something people say either in Czech or German I imagine I understand it.

What can you tell us about your time back in Australia?

I learned German in school. For four years. And I was pretty good at it but I didn’t have the opportunity to use it so I lost it. But now it’ll hopefully get better.

I also went go-carting a lot. I was a fashion production manager and a record store manager as well. DJing was also an important part. I have always been obsessed with music. I started as an early teenager; I made mixtapes for other people. Later I started throwing dance parties.


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